Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Daily Sustenance

Combine a bag of frozen boneless skinless chicken with plenty of garlic powder and onion powder in a crock pot. Cover with water, or green tea. Cook on low until the chicken falls apart.  Add a bag of prewashed kale, a can of Italian style stewed tomatoes, and a lot of Italian seasoning. Continue to cook on low until the aroma permeates your space, and the kale turns a soft vibrant green.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day to every Father...

I want to share something I have learned over time about the men in my life in honor of Father's Day... I have much more to learn about life, and men, but much of what I have learned has been from the men I am lucky to call husband, daddy, grandpa, uncle, or even friend.  The men in my life don't speak as much as they listen,  if something is broken they are going to fix it or die trying,  you won't catch them crying over spilled milk because they're too busy wiping it up, they don't blame the world for their problems, they build their own world. The men in my life work with their hands, but don't let the grease and calluses fool you, they are intelligent and creative, they see things I would never think to consider. I've learned if I step back, and give them the space, they will amaze me every time. The men in my life have an unspoken code far older and more dignified then a bro code. They live by a code of morality and principals, they protect, support, and love their families fiercely, and know that being the head of a family is a life of both servant and king. They don't start fights, they finish them. They have strong opinions, and they will teach you about them not by words, but by actions and hard work. Happy father's day to my Daddy and my Bebu, my Gramps and my Daz, my brothers, my uncles, both Amador and Brito, and Happy Father's Day to every Father...

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