Monday, March 29, 2010

JT's First Run!

I banished another lazy day today with a sudden fabulous idea. I was attempting to lace up my running shoes and simultaneously read Perez Hilton when I noticed JT laying around in his pajamas at 11am. I told him to go get his running shoes, we were going for a run. His first run! He hopped right to it and before I knew it we were jogging out of the complex for a 2 mile jog around the block. He took off fast and burned out early as I knew he would, but constant encouragement and cheering kept him moving. I told him if we do this often he can run with me at my next event, and he says he wants to run a marathon! I have no doubt one day he will, and I will eat his dust! I left my watch at home but we made surprisingly good time, and in way under a half hour JT sprinted the last quarter mile to give a strong finish to his first run! Go JT!

We will be running the NF Walk at the CTF Patient Forum next month! Who's in?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 3 = 3 LBS?

Day 3 of my Bikini Blitz meant a short tempo run, yoga class at PMAC and an 8mn ab routine. It feels great to be up and moving, ready to conquer the day! At the gym I jumped on the scale and I have already lost 3lbs in 3 days! That is no doubt water weight since I have been chugging water like a mad woman. I'll take what I can get!

Yoga felt great but reminded me that I need to also focus on my posture. I've had 5 or 6 spine surgeries now to have tumors removed all down my spinal cord. Each time they cut through my muscles and remove bone to get into the cord area. I don't have any rods or pins, I just have a general weakness in my entire back which makes it hard to stand straight, and impossible to put my shoulders completely back. In yoga today I realized I was rounding my shoulders forward in almost every position when I have been practicing my yoga alone. It hurts to force the correct posture, but I am going to do it anyway and hope that in the long run it relieves some of my back pain. Its better, and healthier, than popping a pill.

I'm sipping down my protein shake right now but need to get moving, Mica has gymnastics, then it is early day for JT, and we have a playdate then karate! The couch is looking fabulous to me right now but I refuse to give in.

Inspiration of the Day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bikini Mentality

Now that I know JT is just fine, and my lumbar tumor has miraculously stopped swelling, its time to take this blog back to its original purpose! I have been walking a fine line with my fitness, throwing in runs only once or twice a week, adding seafood to my previously vegetarian diet, and munching whole boxes of cookies at 9pm while watching tivo. I glanced at my calendar yesterday and realized I have just over 3 weeks until the CTF Patient Forum in Las Vegas!

The header of the event's website is a gorgeous gold with palm trees swaying on the horizon, an obvious reminder to expect gorgeous weather that weekend. Gorgeous weather in Vegas means one thing: Bikinis. Yes, after having 2 kids and countless surgeries I, with every other woman my age, still yearn to rock an itty bitty teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini! Well, maybe not yellow, ew. Last summer I came so close! I even sported a tankini with minimal anxiety. This is my summer, and I started my plan yesterday.

Several people have asked what my plan is, and I wish I had some magical secret, but the truth is when I want to get fit I just focus on the goal and control myself. I have a handful of rules that work for me:

1. No coffee! It is dehydrating and addictive, makes your teeth yellow, and causes a crash at midday that tends to lead to a carb binge. Get up, splash ice water on your face, and get moving!

2. Hit the gym for cardio, weights, abs, then yoga at least every other day. In between workouts stay busy and on your feet! I try to have my workouts and all chores done by noon, its a great feeling!

3. Drink tons of water, and nothing else. I carry a big refillable sipper bottle with me at all times. The ones with the straws seem to make it the easiest to consume larger amounts.

4. Eat something small every 3 hours. Today I am spreading out: 1 packet of oatmeal with almond milk and flax seed, a rice milk and whey protein smoothie, an activia yogurt, a green smoothie, and whatever I want for dinner, but only a small salad plate worth. (and when I say whatever I want it means: vegetarian, nothing fried, avoid extra sauces and dressings)

5. No food after 7, allow ONE glass of red wine! I'm only human people!

6. No TV or couch time til after 8. Daytime TV is a brain drain anyway. Schedule a lot of social & volunteer activities.

7. Be flexible... we have pizza every Friday and I always order veggie pizza and have it cut into squares to maintain portion control. On donut day Paul always grabs me a blueberry muffin. If I really want something, I have it, but not the whole box. If you don't allow for tiny cheats you wont make it, you will freak out and binge within a week. This is not a diet, it is a mentality and lifestyle. No counting calories, just use common sense!

That's it! Its not so hard, I promise. Once you are used to it it just feels natural. I followed this for a long time and was in great shape, but I fell off the wagon. Well I am climbing back on!
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