Monday, March 29, 2010

JT's First Run!

I banished another lazy day today with a sudden fabulous idea. I was attempting to lace up my running shoes and simultaneously read Perez Hilton when I noticed JT laying around in his pajamas at 11am. I told him to go get his running shoes, we were going for a run. His first run! He hopped right to it and before I knew it we were jogging out of the complex for a 2 mile jog around the block. He took off fast and burned out early as I knew he would, but constant encouragement and cheering kept him moving. I told him if we do this often he can run with me at my next event, and he says he wants to run a marathon! I have no doubt one day he will, and I will eat his dust! I left my watch at home but we made surprisingly good time, and in way under a half hour JT sprinted the last quarter mile to give a strong finish to his first run! Go JT!

We will be running the NF Walk at the CTF Patient Forum next month! Who's in?


Darci said...

Way to go JT!!!!! Keep running boy!

Darci said...
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Amy said...

Olivia! You're the cutest, best mommy ever! Way to take JT out on a sprint! Msybe I'll do that with Baba!! LOL xoxox Ame


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