Monday, July 20, 2009

Too Blessed to be Stressed...

I did my last treadmill run today in preparation for the San Francisco half-marathon this Sunday! I am really pumped up, and despite my nagging self doubts I am anxious to attack that course. I just want to come in at or under 2:20. That is slow for most people, but I am running my own race. I did just have Cyberknife a month ago!

On my run today I threw in some hills and strides, then did plenty of stretching and core work after. I held hands with both of my kids and soaked up the warm... okay blistering hot.... sunshine as we left the gym. I love the feel of their tiny hands pressed against my palms.

I have a long day of laundry, cleaning and packing today, but am doing it with a smile, because I know tomorrow we leave for a visit with my Gramps and Diana in North Cali. Paul will join us on Friday, and the trip will culminate with the half marathon which I have dedicated to my Mom as her birthday is this week.

I feel blessed and grateful, which may make for a boring blog, but I wouldn't trade my life for anything today.

Gramps and his BFF Dave on a recent "fishing" trip!

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The Lavender Loft ... said...

Good for you girl I know you will do awesome and you are right you are running your own race. You know what that is all that matters. You should be very proud of yourself that considering all of the things you have been through you can accomplish something that a lot of people would not even try. You are a very inspiring person and an awesome Mom and I am very proud of you girl HUGE HUGS good luck.

Debbi :)

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