Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Mom's 45th Birthday

Summer is here, and my kids are running around like crazy miniature people enjoying the sun. To me summer means running hills in the heat, pool days with my kids, veggie burgers on my side of the grill, and planning for the Long Beach Marathon. This is my 3rd year participating in Long Beach with the NF Endurance Team, and it has become an annual priority for me. In between all of this summer fun, NF2 lurks in the shadows, and I can run as fast as I want but it always follows me. That is why it is so important to raise money for research, so we can develop a drug to help stop tumor growth, and in the long run CURE NF2!

July 22nd would have been my Mom's 45th birthday. Nobody should die so young they miss their 45th birthday. It is unacceptable. For all of the cheering, running, planning and attempts at motivating I can do, the one simple thing that it boils down to is I miss my mom. I miss her, and I don't want to go through the painful things she went through, nor can I fathom JT having to suffer as well. For a long time there was nothing I could do, but I truly am hopeful things are changing with the help of CTF and the dedicated researchers out there making amazing advances. So instead of just waiting for it to happen, I run. I run in hopes of grabbing your attention and encouraging you to support the cause in the one way you can.

On July 25th I will be walking the San Francisco marathon's 5K with my Nana in memory of my Mom's birthday. We will spend every mile remembering her, and missing her. I ask if possible for my friends & family to make a donation in her memory. Below is a link to my donation page, I appreciate any donation you can make and thank you for your continued support on this journey.

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Roxana said...

Olivia, You are an incredible writer with so much to say. I have turly enjoyed reading your blog entries due to your honestly and willingness to share your story. You are an amazing person!!!!

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