Friday, June 24, 2011

Back Stabbing Steroids

Have you ever had a friend who always smiles to your face, but you suspect as you turn they are raising their eyebrows at you? A friend you always come through for, but who always seems to be unable to return a favor? A friend who practically lives on your couch and in your fridge, but you're not even sure where their place is at? A friend you always invite, who never invites you? A friend who makes you fat?
Yes, steroids are my two-faced friend.
When we're getting along everything is fabulous. Steroids and I haven't spoken in so long, it took me this long to trust them again. I had no choice but to start a dose to control the post Gamma Knife brain swelling, and steroids showed up with a kind smile, offering to ease my pain. I started taking them yesterday, but as usual I had to wait for the steroids to catch up like a bad friend who is always late just because they "fell asleep."
Well I woke up and they came through! My head feels clear for the first time in a week. I'm up, I want to do my Insanity workout, cleaning, getting dressed, and taking the kids out for the first time all week.
I've told the steroids they can only stay for 1 week, and that should be fine, its only when they stay longer that the cracks in our relationship start to grow.
When I'm on steroids for longer they don't let me sleep, they keep me up all night thinking about nothing that matters. They make me want to eat non stop, steroids are my bad friend who wants to drive through In n Out at 2am knowing full well I am trying to follow the Elite Nutrition Program! After a while steroids make me paranoid, and I start hearing voices out of mistrust.
No, steroids are not my friend, but we can hang out for now.


Tanya Lea said...

I am on Week 5 of Dexamethasone. *groan* ...I tried to get off of them two weeks ago only to have serious withdrawal. The water retention is the worst! I should be off of them within 2 weeks (down to 2 mg/day now) . Since you've been on these before, Olivia, do you know if the water/weight that I've gained thus far will go away when I discontinue the steroids, or am I faced with a couple of months of dieting. The weight came so fast that I don't know what to make of it. :(

Olivia Hernandez said...

The last time I was on steroids long term I gained some serious weight, JT was only 2 months so the baby and steroids weight joined forces against me. LOL But the water weight came off pretty quickly, and the rest came off when I started eating normally again. (I eat like a lumberjack on steroids, are you doing that too or controlling it? and withdrawals are the WORST!)

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