Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day to Every Woman

I am confident in myself in large part because I am blessed to have been shaped by several amazing women over my short 30 years. I love each of them for what all women are: Creators, lovers, whimsical, mysterious, vulnerable, strong and beautiful. Mother's Day is for every woman who has ever born pain with a smile, bent down to help another woman's child, cooked for so many people she ran out of dishes, stayed up late enough for the kids to finally pass out so she could steal hushed kisses from their Father, or simply kissed him right in front of them because her greatest hope is for her children to know how to love as fully as she does. I have an abundance of amazing women in my life such as these, and to every woman who chooses to take on the role of Mommy... Happy Mother's Day.

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