Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Life marches forward for most as
I perch and observe,
Forever out of bounds
Always the passing stranger
With the inquisitive eyes and
You turn away.
My light shines bright
Like a moth you flutter ever closer
You bask in my glow and
Bathe in my electricity.
As light breaks
You hold up a mirror and dare to call my reflection your conquest
I am the mirror,
I absorb and guide the light, making your lies more palatable.
Where will you look and
What will you pretend
When I lay shattered and
My light is free for all
To see streaking away
Far far away
To a place with answers
To a place you cannot come without a soul
Where will you warm your hands,
When my heat exists in a realm
You cannot fathom,
Free from The never ending flow of ignorance
And here, you cannot follow me
You must find your own way, in
Another lifetime or so.

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