Sunday, August 9, 2009

Donut Day

Lopsided pigtails peek over my bed and a tiny mohawk outline creeps past my feet. Suddenly a puppy is excitedly licking my ear and JT and Mica bound onto the bed, jumping on me and signing D right in my face with unabashed expectancy... It's Sunday Mommy! It's DONUT DAY!!! Mica rubs her protruding belly and says I hogrey and JT sticks his lips out in mock sadness as though I haven't fed him in days. I tell them ok, tell Daddy it's time! When Daddy comes back in the door with that little pink box we're all ready and waiting with our pajamas and smiles. Those little piles of sugar may cost just a few dollars, but to us represent the end of another week together, and the beginning of things to come. Donut Day frames our existence and gives us permanence. Even if Daddy is at work all week, or Mommy has been sick, there at the end of the week is a routine that gives us all stability. That is what makes these 4 random people a family. Who knew a donut could be so powerful?

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