Thursday, August 6, 2009

End of an Era

So the next time I run a half marathon, someone please remind me not to take an entire week off to eat, drink and be... lazy! This week I had to break the bad habits that seem to form much quicker than good habits. My first day back at the gym I stepped on the scale and had gained 3 pounds! In one week! Why does it take 3 months to lose 3 pounds and only 1 week to gain it back? That little stab in the eyes has motivated me throughout this week and I already feel myself getting back into my groove. Eating this week has been excruciating, last week at one point I had about 7 pieces of pizza for dinner, dipped into 2 full containers of garlic sauce and washed down with a couple of beers! Not even light beer! So this week when I attempt to fill up on a normal portion size there is space left over and I am just plain hungry. Do I regret those 7 slices of red crushed pepper covered heaven? Not one bit! Nor the wine, plate of chile rellenos, or 2 bags of Doritos. The extra sets of reverse crunches that trashed my core today were so worth the potato skins and pazookie I added to my regular pizza and 2 pints at BJs. Pizza and beer seem to be a theme here.

Vacation time is now over, JT starts back at school Monday. With the school year comes early alarms, mostly vegan meals, hard workouts, and early bedtimes. Only 9 weeks until I run the full marathon in Long Beach! Oh my goodness I just counted that on the calendar and it is much sooner than I thought, I have a lot to get done, and I'll just have to do it without pizza and beer!

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