Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall out...

My stove is sticky, my laundry is in a huge pile, my kids are eating Top Ramen (again), and my acrylics are ready to fall off... I have a midterm, a paper due, and a week long trip to pack for. I have been so focused on this marathon, and supporting the team, that my home has fallen apart a bit. I wouldn't be too worried, except that my Nana is staying here with the kids while I am gone next week, and as Tish pointed out, this place should be as clean as a hotel... um how about a motel?

Instead of really accomplishing much today I have puttered, sipped coffee, and moved piles around. I am really good at reorganizing piles. Go me! However, I did get my marathon wrap up emails out to both the team and my supporters! I also found out that I was mentioned in the Long Beach Press-Telegram's write up of the Long Beach Marathon! Front page! I plan to play the "I ran a marathon" card for another day, and yes that does include wearing my medal everywhere.

Now I must peel myself off of this desk and actually accomplish something concrete before Paul comes home. If he gives me the look, I'll just wave my medal in his face.


Rebecca said...

LOL! I totally hear ya!

Mountain climbers are that way too. When a couple of our friends were getting ready to climb Rainier and climed it, living space was totally secondary in some far off land.
This is why I had to take a break after my May marathon and did not do the seattle rock and roll in june. Training combined with fundraising responsibilities can reaaly knock the stuffing out of you.
Get a shadow box to mount your medal in and display in the house. My medals are displayed in home office. It is powerful earning that medal, isn't it?

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