Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Attempted Follow Up?

My awesome girlfriend Sheila helped me get the kids situated today, then took me to my doctor's office for my emergency follow up appointment. The plan was to go to my GP Dr. Hanson's office at 12:30, and he would call my neurologist Dr. Adler for further instruction. We arrive at his office to be told he was actually at the clinic and had already left for the day....... ????? I told the girl my husband called and scheduled an emergency follow up with him, so why would he be at the clinic and then leave? Sheila drove me to the clinic to see the other doctor in the group, only to find out he is a Physician's Assistant and unable to do anything. Dr. Adler said he needed to speak with my actual doctor, not a PA. I told the PA well then call Dr. Hanson and have him call Dr. Adler. They had us wait, and then insisted I just come back tomorrow. I told them I was switching doctors, that is absolutely ridiculous. I cannot walk, I am in intense pain, I can't take care of my kids, I could have permanent damage if this is not handled in a timely manner. They told me if I switched doctors this entire process would take even longer, and basically I have no choice but to wait another day and go back tomorrow. I finally gave in and picked up the Darvocet from the pharmacy and started taking it. It relieves some of the cramping and makes the pain more bearable. Sheila is a huge help, she is going to take me back yet again tomorrow morning, and hopefully then I will finally get some answers!

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