Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So Now What??

I woke up this morning in the now familiar way, my legs felt heavy and my back was throbbing like someone was punching me in my spine. I struggled to turn over, and saw Mica's hair peeking out from the comforter. I pulled her close, ignoring the tightness that seized my back as I slid her warm tiny body against mine. Finally I woke her with kisses and pulled myself out of bed, breathing deeply until the pain washed away. I left it behind me and shuffled out to start my day.

Sheila came for me right on time and she drove us quickly to my doctor's office, pausing at all the speed bumps and helping me out of her truck. After a long wait, and once again explaining what was happening to me, Dr. Hanson called Dr. Adler and they spoke. Such a simple event took me days to orchestrate.

So, yes the tumor is swelling, and I was put on oral steroids. I cringed but then remembered to be thankful I was dodging getting the steroid shot in my spine. Then Dr. Hanson said he was putting in an order for the steroid shot through the insurance to be done next week. *joy* I took the information and put it in my pocket to be processed at a later time. A prescription form was scribbled on and I was told to come back next week. I am now taking prednisone (steroid), an anti-inflammatory, darvocet, and prilosec to keep my stomach calm from all of the dope they are pumping into me.

The plan is to shrink the swelling with oral and then injected steroids, and hope the pain all goes away. Hopefully I will then be able to give the tumor time to shrink from the Cyber Knife treatment I already had on it. If the pain and weakness persists, then I will have to have the little *ucker out.

Now I am home attempting to have some semblance of a normal day, whatever that means.


Anonymous said...

Rest girl and so hope & pray you get relief too!


The Lavender Loft ... said...

Girl I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. If you need anything at all call me. I just read what was going on hang in there girl HUGE HUGS. You will be in my thoughts and prayers Please take it easy.

Sheila said...

Im glad you are feeling a little better girl! I hope those meds kick in and reduce that swelling!! But girl they need to repaint those speed bumps!! You can barely see them until you hit one! LOL I was soo nervous driving over those and any dips!! Let me know if you need anything! Even if its 3am, you better have Paul call me!! LOVE YOU GIRL!!

KC said...

hi Olivia,
i hope the steroids work,
i've been thinking about u and i wonder,
how do u manage to write so eloquently while u are in pain and or doped up?!;-) feel better.....

keisha said...

Hi olivia,

i have nf 2 too and had recent ck on an AN... i'm having imbalance n decreased hearing, presumably bgecause of the swelling so i've my drawbacks too. keep your chin up!

let's hope for the two of us, the after effects go away soon!

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