Friday, June 11, 2010

Til Monday...

One week blends into the next as I wait for the sun to realize its summer vacation. Gamma Knife recovery is a simple one, come home and wait for my head to not feel like its in a vise. Easy enough. The kids wander around the house aimlessly, sucking down countless popsicles and passing out for random nap times. All week I have rotated between couch surfing, leaving the house for small errands, and half heartedly cleaning up the messes Paul and the kids leave in piles for me to find. They have taken good care of me, Paul making me a drink while JT cleans up after Mica and Mica tries to tuck me in and bring the puppy to me for a kiss. Its been an oddly comforting time, and I've been able to settle into it and enjoy it while it lasts, knowing full well that come Monday, its back to kicking ass and taking names!

I've avoided eye contact with my Runner's World magazine, knowing if I flipped through it I'd want to lace up for just a quick jog. Instead I'm taking this entire week to do absolutely nothing! My headache has subsided almost completely as of today, yet still I've spent it in sweats reading and cuddling as time ticks by with no accomplishments to claim. My energy is building back up and just waiting to be released on my To Do list, so the sun better come up Monday morning because I have got things to do people! Summer means hot hilly runs, recruiting, fundraising and planning for Long Beach, extra ab reps, laps in the pool, and homeschooling the kids 3 times a week. But not today... today I make the list, and Monday I smash it.

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