Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Long Beach NF Endurance Team Kick-Off!

This year has been a bit challenging for the Fabulous Running Mommy. It went by in a blur of tumor growth, radiation, losing friends to the disorder and traveling all over for the best of care while still running and raising my family. I've been blessed with love and support, and somehow feel stronger for persevering through it all. Now with summer heating up my mind is turning toward my favorite weekend of the year... The Long Beach International Marathon on Oct 9th!!

Yes I am still running for a cure, and wont give up until we get it! The Children's Tumor Foundation has been growing, you can read about the specific ways we are accelerating NF Research here: http://www.ctf.org/NF-Resources/accelerating-nf-research-progress-through-strategic-planning.html. You can see that in the DDI program specifically CTF has invested $970k in developing potential drugs to treat NF. Those specific awardees have gone on to secure almost $4.5m in further funding from outside sources!

Reading things like this motivates me to keep running and raising awareness because I feel like I am actually making a difference, and I know that with our continued efforts I will live to one day see a cure for this horrible disorder. I want to be the 80 year old lady crossing a finish line!

My co-captain John and I have already started making plans for this years team, and we have set a goal of raising $10,000! It is a lofty goal that I know we will reach. We're kicking off our efforts with a fundraiser party on July 23rd! Check out the flyer and contact me for tickets, come out and support a good cause while having a fabulous time!

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