Tuesday, August 9, 2011


The edges of my life are blurry, purpose and intent comingled with days empty of accomplishment. I squint at the TV or computer, and then struggle to focus on the sea of people in a store, before finally looking to Paul and seeing only shapes and movement as he squeezes my hand to reassure me. He teases me mercilessly, and I laugh as only we can, at the ridiculousness of being 28 and deaf, and increasingly unable to really see anything from far away or focus on anything up close, on my growing list of old lady ailments, at my inability to do most of the things I love, but my odd ability to constantly find new things to love, that are then taken away as well. We laugh as he talks and I cock one eyebrow in a very yoda-like way, as though I understand it all, even without having any idea what he just said. I look away and squint, he looks the same direction I do, and squints, and we both erupt in hysterics. Then there are the moments I panic, when I realize even if my body gets strong enough to run again, I would be terrified to run not knowing where I am at all times, and possibly nauseated by the bouncing horizon I used to direct my prayers toward and now have to sheild my eyes from. Then I remind myself I am overreacting again, of course everything will get better, I will run, and I will see. Maybe not quickly, and maybe not well, but jogging and squinting are fine substitutes. I push away the fear until it floats away and I am distracted by another thought, because if I let it rise up it might drown me, and I can't really swim anymore.

My MRI to check on the brain swelling has been moved up to Monday, because of the aforementioned vision issues. Last week I spent a couple of days with the kids and my Nana swimming at Harris Ranch. This weekend I am taking a family vacation to San Diego with my husband and babies to live my life the way I want to, like everyone should. I'm going to have fun, and Paul has promised to stick next to me so I don't get lost... again. I get to "see" some of my family in San Diego, stay in a hotel on the beach and follow my kids around Legoland for a day. Reading over this to edit before my Dad attacks with his virtual red pen (in my defense I CAN'T SEE)I realize that being ill has afforded me a sick sense of entitlement (pun intended.) Every day people tell me have a glass of wine, or just eat whatever you want, or go right ahead in line, or take a nap at 11am and leave the dishes be, just enjoy yourself, because you DESERVE it. It is a dangerous concept, especially when there are children involved. I wont have my children growing up thinking that when hard times come it is acceptable to just let life slip by. Blurred or not, life goes on, and we all make the best of it.

What kind of mother would I be if I didn't mention JT started 4th grade and Mica started Kindergarten this week, and they are both amazing and adorable and the lights of my life, and everything I do, I do for them (cue Bryan Adams song.)

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Anonymous said...

Man, I tell ya....your blogs blow me away.

Mahalo for sharing, and have fun in San Diego.

WAIT..you're going to San Diego..IF you like sailing, or being on the water.... look into Challenged America, an organization I've followed for several years now.

< http://challengedamerica.org/>
My pal Urban (who is deaf/blind) runs the organization.


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