Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Paring Down to Basics

I have been procrastinating on writing this blog for days, a feat in itself as I am incredibly limited in my choice of activities. Paul has been taking me for Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment in Irvine as per Dr. Duma's advice to hopefully heal this radionecrosis in my brain and get my life back. I am ridiculously blessed to have access to this level of care, the means to attain it, rides to get there, people to take me there and back and care for me. As I lay in my little chamber inhaling the oxygen and visualizing healing bright light helping my brain cells stitch back together, little voices nag at me with negativity, I cannot give in to them. I have to just be positive. I have to be a hippie and read the Dalai Lama and not eat meat and drink tons of water... if I don't do those things, I don't know what else to do. So I take my medicine and vitamins, and when I find myself doing nothing I get up and do SOMETHING... even if to most it is nothing. I've been walking after Mica around the complex on her bike, trying to cook a real breakfast every morning, and washing a few dishes. I take my time caring for the kids, read them extra books, tuck them in extra tight, and then try to squint through maybe one show with Paul before my eyes just can't handle the strain anymore and I lie with my eyes shut pretending such a slow day has actually tired me out when all my body wants to do is RUN.
Meditation, prayers, deep breathing... at some points I want to say cut the crap, let's get real, and just throw something!!! But I have people... little people... who rely on me to be their Mommy. I have Paul who is bearing just as much stress as I am... and I have myself. Yes, me, I am worth the effort. Even if I had no family, nobody to love me, I like to believe I deserve to try for me. So I will.
What that means for me... and for those in my immediate circle, is that as of now I am on a needs-to-happen basis. I am stepping down from my role as Team Captain of the Long Beach NF Endurance Team. I will be attending, and walking the 5K, and cheering for all of us as we fight together. My co-captain John will be handling logistics. He is awesome and I am really lucky to have my good friend running things so I do not have to worry.
My fundraising page will remain up but I am not going to be going out of my way to do anything right now, emails, organizing, all of it feels like a challenge. This thing in my brain is like a burn, and while I am trying to maintain that it WILL HEAL, as of now I basically have brain damage. I panic, I can't drive, I pass out, things confuse me. I would be able to deal a bit better if I could just get comfy with my Hello Kitty blanket and pass the time in bed playing with my family and watching TV, but Paul has to work, the kids have school, and I can't see the TV. I feel scared and trapped and will definitely be adjusting, and learning who really cares and sticks around by just keeping me company so I don't lose my freaking mind any more then I already am. I don't expect most people to stick around, it is how life goes. We all have our own issues, as my Uncle says, "A tissue for your issue?" We come into this world alone, and we leave alone, and the only way to be happy is to focus on how much compassion we can give, and not worry about how much we absorb. I constantly see people talking about how disappointed they are when people don't DO things for them, reach their expectations, care. All we can do is control our own moods, and every time we feel alone, give, because its the only thing that cures the human condition.
Yes, I am all wise and yoda-like now. I blame the meds. Meh.
So to bring this all together for those of you who do want to do something:
Sign up with the NF Endurance Team and run for the cause at www.nfendurance.org
Come visit me, I love the company. Please excuse the mess, duh. Emails, texts, whatever, I am still here people.
If you are one of my kids' friends' parents, they are available for playdates and can use the escape.
If you pray to anyone, throw some in for me if you can and throughout the day if I pop into your head picture a bright white light cleansing and healing me.
As always you can donate on my fundraising page at... http://www.active.com/donate/nflongbeach2011/Olivia
PS if you receive the link to this multiple times, my apologies, same goes for typos.


Anonymous said...

Liv, your strength, endurance and optomistic outlook never cease to amaze me! I'm so proud of you, I have no words to fully convey it. Please know that I continue to pray God's strength, comfort, peace of mind, and healing power over your life. Love you lots! ~Kim

Sarah said...

You remain fabulous, Olivia, and you remain in my prayers. I am still awed by all that you are doing. Healing takes more energy than people give it credit for. Can't wait to be at Long Beach with you.

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