Saturday, January 21, 2012

State of the Brain Address

On Thursday Paul and I made the drive to Newport Beach to see my neurologist Dr. Duma. He has been my primary neurologist since I was a teenager, and I don't foresee that changing at any time. I trust him, we have a good rapport, and he has used Gamma Knife to treat over a dozen of my brain tumors without any major deficits. Tumor number 12 to be obliterated by Dr. Duma was my first treated tumor to have caused such serious problems as I have had over the past year. I consider that a damn good run. My concern now is that after my last MRI with him I was told the swelling was stable, when in fact #12's evil twin Lucky 13 was swollen and angry at the left side of my brain. For those of you keeping track that would be the opposite of stable. I wanted to see Dr. Duma myself for an updated opinion, a state of the brain address if you will. It was overdue, I mean I am a bit attached to my brain and like to make sure it isn't going to just explode or melt one day.

So I hobbled into the office... oh did I forget to mention I had an adverse affect to the medication that drains the fluid from around my optic nerves? Yes, it also depleted the fluid cushioning my joints apparently. Good to know, I found out the hard way when I sprained both my ankle and knee in one weekend. Ok carry on... so I hobbled in, we sat down with Dr. Duma, and his immediate concern was for my weight loss. The last time I saw him I mentioned food was low on my list of priorities these days and he told me I didn't look like I was hurting for food. Since then I have gone from 123 to 104 pounds. My family keeps saying I am too small, my girlfriends can't stop telling me how great I look, and I am just happy to be back in a size 2. Dr. Duma was only slightly amused, ordered another abdomen MRI and told me to eat more. I told him about my concerns regarding the imprudent use of the term stable when referring to brain damage. His response was that I seem to be doing fabulous lately, and that the swelling is just going to be a permanent irregularity we see on every MRI. He doesn't foresee any serious problems stemming from it. I said that may be so, but humor me, if this huge burn spreading across my brain does perchance become a problem, what are my options? He said that if necessary he would go in and surgically resect the offending tumors, that the option is there if necessary one day. He also pointed out that all of my other zillion tumors seem to be behaving right now, and as I had told him myself I am still seeing clearly even without the crazy fluid draining/ankle spraining medication that I relied on to see just a few months ago. He gave me a Medrol pack to help my joints recover, a prescription for physical therapy and of course the abdomen x-ray. At that point I was released back into the wild, free to live my life for another 6 months.

So now I am in a terrific mood. I am as healthy as I can be at this point, and on March 1st our little family of four is moving into a house! Yes, finally, we are moving on up. Life is good, fabulous really.


rose perez said...

My name is Rose Perez . I have nothing but great aspiration for you. What a wonderful gift you are to your family and friends . Positive influence in our minds is such a great medicine for our bodies and you are an example to anyone that has some kind of medical condition that can affect their lives, but it's great to know when a great mother, daughter, wife, and friend chooses to move forward. I wish you only the best and keep up your sense of humor it's great.....keep on running....

Olivia Hernandez said...

Thank you Rose that is so kind of you!

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