Saturday, July 26, 2008

Turning Doubts into Challenges!

So today was my cross-training day! I chose the elliptical machine, and while it definitely broke the monotony of consistent running I couldn’t help but glance longingly at the treadmill every few minutes. The elliptical machine can be wonderful for toning and weight loss, but it can never replace knowing you have covered a specific distance using nothing but your own body. I am very pumped up for my 6 mile run tomorrow morning with my friend Jennifer! It is my first time running with another person and I hope we push each other to our limits!

Since there are only 10 weeks left my diet is going to get a bit more intense. I don’t mean diet as in fad diet, I simply mean my daily meal plans. I aim to always eat this way, but pizza happens! I’m going to share a typical day for this running vegetarian:

Breakfast: Luna Bar, glass of almond milk with protein OR my Awesome Smoothie
Morning Snack: piece of fruit
Lunch: PB&J and raw broccoli
Afternoon snack: handful of goldfish crackers, raisins, edamame
Dinner: a full vegetarian meal, usually including a soy product, whole grain, veggie, cheese, and minimal fat
Dessert: piece of dark chocolate and/or small teeny tiny glass of red wine
In addition: 4 liters of water throughout day, a horse size multivitamin, and propolis (which I will explain in a later post.)

As of tonight there are exactly 10 weeks left until the Long Beach marathon. I am filled with mixed emotions, excited first and foremost! I cannot wait to cross that finish line and know that I have come from barely walking after numerous spine surgeries, to running 13 miles and for a good cause. I am also very nervous, what if I fail? What if I am hurt while training and have some sort of anti-climactic end to this amazing journey I have embarked upon? What if I let everyone who has donated to CTF in my name down? Then I remind myself that there is always a way around every challenge. I have to use positive imagery and picture myself completing this trial. I WILL finish. In 10 weeks I will run across that finish line holding in my heart the memory of every family member and friend who has suffered in the grasp of NF2. I will have brought us all 13 miles closer to a cure. It may not be much, but it is all I have to offer.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE reading your blog every day. Do you plan to do a practice 13 miles before the actual event?


Brandi said...

Holy poop! I'M running the Long Beach half marathon. I came from Kadi's blog because she said you were a runner. Is it really around 10 weeks away??? It'll be my first too and I've been training for the last 3 months. Hard stuff, but totally worth it. Good luck!

Olivia Hernandez said...

Tracey I plan to run up to 11 miles before the race and accomplish 13 for the first time at the actualy race! I love the anticipation LOL. Running it beforehand would be like peeking at your gifts on Christmas Eve!

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