Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wobbling for a Cure!

I have a confession… my Mommy duties are definitely not done for the day! My last blog was actually written yesterday, it took me that long to put this together and put the blog up! I am completely new to this and have no idea how to get one of those cute headers with all the pictures. A blogger friend is helping me out and sent me some links, so very soon I will get some visually appealing aspects up, in the meantime you are stuck with some ol’ fashioned simple text!

I have been training for my half-marathon for about 6 months now. This week has been an odd week. Both Tuesday and Wednesday I went to the gym and ran 5.5 miles, then did strength training. I’m taking today off as a rest day. My right foot has had a lot of issues since I started running. Because of the vestibular schwannoma I have had removed or radiated on either side of my head I am not only deaf but my balance is very wobbly. I tend to run a bit funny and have strain injuries on the right side. I read Chi Running and that has really helped, the techniques are very useful. My balance does add a challenge to running, but a challenge just makes things a bit more interesting! So if you happen to live in Rancho Cucamonga and see me running a bit wonky don't worry, and don't honk I can't hear you anyway!


Anonymous said...

Hi Beautiful!

Love your blog and your style of writing. As a career journalist, believe me Olivia, you can be proud of that alone. Have you done professional writing? Hardly a day goes by that I don't think of your late Mom or you. (Nose must itch a lot, huh?) Sorry we didn't meet in LV. Thanks fro helping me get in the Crew yahoogroups website. Be well. --Harold Horn

Anonymous said...

How awesome! I just added you to my blog as a favorite! I will be checking it out often!

Anonymous said...

Girl! This is way better than I was expecting. Your story is so moving. I'm excited for your upcoming marathon, can't wait to cheer you on! You go girl! (just a lil bit of cheesiness for ya.) :)

Anonymous said...

Smooth, Olivia! You rock!

For the B.A., I think you'd enjoy sociology. Your analytical mind and ability to understand issues from different perspectives would serve you well. Not to mention your love for life! ;-)

Way to make the best of everything, and keep on swimming, er, I mean running!!!

Love and hugs, Jamie

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