Monday, December 8, 2008

Las Vegas Half-Marathon 2:39

I'm back! I have piles of laundry and my legs are so tight and sore! The race was awesome, I actually preferred the course over Long Beach. In Long Beach there were huge stretches of beach, just sand and water, nothing to look at or hint at how much further. In Vegas I know all of the hotels so I could set mini goals and have a general idea of how far I have gone. I made one really big mistake... I drank WAY too much water trying to hydrate and had to wait in line for a porta potty on the course! My official chip time was 2:39 which really completely bums me out. I want to improve at each race, not get slower! I saw the clock as I came down the final 3 miles, and pushed hard to make time up. My lungs were burning, legs pumping, even my arms were screaming at me to stop. I threw all of my little self forward and just pushed chanting to myself "Pain is temporary, Pride is forever!" I was like freaking Mel Gibson or something... ok maybe not but I felt like I was flying down that last mile. Every time I thought I was there it was just a little further, then I saw volunteers throwing their arms up and I saw a cluster of bright yellow CTF shirts and my babies waving at me from the sides, and I crossed the finish line in what felt like a blur. I received my medal and took my finisher's photo, and met my family who gave me tons of love and hugs. My Dad had promised to quit smoking when I finished the race, so we crumbled up his last cigarette and took pictures with our patches: his nicorette and mine for muscle pain!

Pictures will be up soon, I have to wait for my Dad to send them, I don't have a camera right now!


Sawatzky Kids said...

WOW!! I hope to be in the kind of shape soon that will allow me to try a marathon....shorter maybe! ;)
Shelly and crew

Anonymous said...

Wow congrats on finishing the race, you are awesome :)

Days like These! said...

you are a rockstar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gomillion and one... said...

Girl you are so fabulous! You may have gained a minute but what's a minute? lol This race was earlier, different and way colder so I give you mad pros! Ferris Bueller your my HERO! lol Oh wait your not Ferris....ok Olivia you are my HERO! :)

IronGambit said...

congrats! Maybe it was that long line at the Bathroom that put you off a minute?

KC said...

i admire u so much Olivia!
u rock!

NF Endurance Team said...

Congrats on another great race! I like the new blog theme too!

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