Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today is the first day of my new weekly training schedule! I have to get my legs a lot stronger if they are going to carry me 26.2 miles in October. Since my next race is several months away, for the next month I am going to focus on weight training as much as I can without injury, weight training is my favorite part of my routine! It goes by fast with obvious reward for my efforts. I've always had chicken legs, to the point that I look ridiculous trying to wear tennis shoes with shorts, but I have gained a bit of muscle over the last year and plan on really defining them over the next 2 months. Since I met my first goal of 2009, to run a 5K in under 30mn, I am on to the next... be in a bikini by summer! Today I woke up and bright sun crept through my blinds, as I realized the weather is warming up it also occured to me that I have 3 months to meet that goal! I refuse to diet, choosing instead to try to eat in moderation, and cook good healthy foods. I really feel that if I don't binge, and stick to this training regimen, I will be shopping far away from the Mommy-One-Pieces I have learned to hide in. Not that my 1 piece isn't cute!!

Don't even ask!


gomillion and one... said...

I love your one piece!lol

Rebecca said...

Olivia, I cannot even fathom how you cannot wear a bikini already! LOL You must be EXTREMELY critical of yourself.

I have never had a bikini body but bought and wore a couple for my husband when we went on a cruise in 2006. I was about 8-10 pounds smaller then.

I would like to get that size again (not so I can wear a bikini though. LOL There are not many opportunities to wear one up here thank goodness!)

I would like to join with you! After my half marathon on May 3rd, I plan on restarting the south beach program. I have reaquired a taste for sugar/chocolate now and am having a hard time breaking from it daily. This time of year is difficult because of all the fabulous easter candy! I LOVE cadbury and recess peanut butter eggs! They are on sale right now at Albertson's but on the drive over there I had to rationalize with myself and try to understand why I wanted them and why I DO NOT NEED THEM! I told myself the sugar cravings mean the tumors are hungry. There is no nutrients in that stuff. All I would be doing is spending money to satisfy my craving and feed the tumors! Then I lost desire for them with the thought of giving in to the tumors and letting them win!

The south beach restricts any form of sugar for the first 2 weeks to break of this habit (that includes fruit and anything with sugar in it). From what I remember, it did work and at first the sugar does not taste so good.

So I need to retrain myself not to eat any processed sugar and later to depend solely on fruits for a sweet craving. You cut carbs too in the first phase and then reintroduce the fiberous complex ones slowly. This is why I am waiting to restart it AFTER the marathon.

Chicken legs? Are you kidding me? You have great legs! I always have the problem with mine looking to big and stocky like a body builder! I so wish I could have nice little legs but I find I need the strength in mine for stability.

Samuel Braga said...

Very sexy indeed! hehehe

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