Saturday, March 28, 2009

Continuing Bio30

I have been on Propolis Bio30 for 18 months now. While following the ongoing discussions revolving around the treatment on Trial Talk mailing list, I found that my blog on propolis is listed under the Bio30 publications! I feel so legitimate. I have actually been reconsidering continuing the Bio30 Propolis. In the time I have been taking it I have had no tumor growth, however I am unsure if I believe it is due to the propolis, or simply because I am not pubescent, pregnant, nursing or on birth control for the first time since age 13. Hormones are intricately connected to tumor growth. I spoke with Dr. Adler from Stanford University, who actually created the Cyber Knife, this week. I adore him, he has a wonderful personality and a fierce intelligence. He told me he is skeptical I am "getting anything for my money" with Bio30. So the last few days I have mulled it over, I would hate to stop taking it and then have one of my many tumors try to grow freakishly large and cause irreperable damage. If I did stop, and the tumors then started growing, I would have really good evidence that it does work. Then I can just begin therapy again, and know JT can take it at age 10. I am not sure if that is a risk I should take. My tumors have been stable for longer than they have ever been. Long enough that most of my new friends have no true idea of how sick I get, or why I run. I have rebuilt my life since the last surgery and losing the rest of my hearing. I have a great group of girlfriends, my running, I've gotten more fit and healthy then I thought possible for myself. I think it is best to play it safe, and continue the propolis, and just be grateful I am even able to try anything at all.


Rebecca said...

Hi! It is one of the reasons I waited so dang long to take it. That and I was lazy about investigating it and if I would have an allergy. So I have been on it just over a month now. I have 6 bottles left out of the first box.
I believe it is going to work for me! I have a couple other extra factors thrown in. I take it with naturally pomegranate concentrate (high antioxidants) and I am on reservatol for endurance. I have a very good feeling. Put it this way, at this point there is no room for skeptism and only positive thought.
It will be a good test to see my results because I DID have tumor growth within the last year. I had a scan done about 2-3 weeks after taking propolis so let's see if it keeps the tumor at bay for 6 months (if possible, that is how long I would hold off for surgery). I feel great and can't foresee a surgery right now. Yes, I sort of kicked myself for not taking it sooner and wondered if I would have not had growth if I was on it earlier.

Of course one of the issues with the Propolis is money and I wrestled with it for a long time (Is it worth the investment?). Finally I came to the conclusion after researching more about it and allowing time for others to try it out, that it can only do good for you. If for some reason you still had growth, it is really not a loss because it is a health supplement that is good for you. So besides money, I did not see anything else to lose.

It is MUCH cheaper than reservatol and many other supplements. Avastin which is a drug, is about 1000 times the cost!

Sometime this week I may blog about my progress taking it and how I take it. Last I wrote about it, I was in the phase of awaiting my order.

It is a trial which takes time and takes volunteers. As I see it, it is the best trial to enter because a) it is the most economical and b) it has shown no ill side effects.

Cindy said...

You have a separate blog on bio 30 or did I missead that ?

Olivia Hernandez said...

Cindy if you follow the link it shows the specific blog post on this blog where I first talked about Bio30, but it is not a separate blog site, just a separate post. :)

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