Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's all about the Family

JT just keeps getting into more and more trouble at school. I've explained that little boys who don't behave in class never get into college and end up homeless. I have spanked his butt red. I have put Xbox into a box and given him a toothbrush to scrub the floor. I don't know if I should be proud he is so strong-willed or angry he cannot control his impulses. Currently JT is grounded from living... well we allow him to breathe and read, but that is it. Our 50" flatscreen (had to drop the shout out) has been curiously dark since the last bout of punishment. Over the subsequent week an odd thing has happened... we got used to it! With the TV off the kids have discovered they own several boardgames, wrestled around with our chihuahua as much as safely possible, and drawn intricate tribal designs (or so I assume) with sidewalk chalk on our patio. We went for a family swim today and JT has told me he wants to start running with me! Tonight at our 3rd dinner at the table of this week I announced that from now on all dinners would be at the table. After some discussion we have made several changes to our family:

The TV is no longer on without specific permission, and there will be absolutley no TV in the morning, and until all chores, homework, dinner, and showers are completed nightly.

Tuesday night is Family Game Night! No TV at all, with board games after dinner.

Friday night is Family Movie Night, the one night of the week we will eat in front of the TV, with a family movie.

Eating out will be limited to one night a week, either Saturday or Sunday depending on our schedule.

I feel refreshed and look forward to implementing our new schedule. I see my children appreciating our time spent together, and recognizing that family always has priority. Maybe that was a lesson Paul and I needed to learn as well, and I can only hope we will be rewarded with well behaved and grateful children.
Now if only I can convince Paul to stop eating meat! Paul would say if only now Olivia would get off the computer... oops....

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Frosty said...

I absolutely commend you on these changes! I couldn't agree with you more, family is priority.

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