Monday, September 14, 2009

10 Signs You're a Fabulous Running Mommy!

1. You wear a fanny pack and insist on calling it a "Hydration Belt."

2. Even on a beautiful day you are stuck running on the treadmill.

3. You own biker shorts you've had since the 80's.

4. You absolutely love the race expos and spend time there... shopping.

5. Your fastest mile is 8mn on the treadmill and you are insanely proud of it! (as you should be!)

6. You tried following a marathon training schedule, but the long runs were longer than your preschooler's schoolday.

7. You "accidentally" leave the timing chip tag on your running shoes for a week after the race and sport it at the gym.

8. You want to scream at the young girls on the race course... "It's a sports BRA it goes under your shirt!"

9. You call your girlfriends when your Runner's World arrives, and let your subscription to Marie Claire run out.

10. When you get back from a run you... start laundry, do the dishes, feed the kids, make the beds, clean the bathrooms, have a shake, take a shower (with the baby), go to Target, go to a birthday party, stop by Trader Joes, come home, start dinner and have a big ass glass of wine!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

love it =) i'm guilty of all of these!! esp #6, 7, and 10!!

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