Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Live to Run Another Day

In our family we have a tradition, on your birthday you are the big bad boss. Everyone has to do what you want, and you don't have to lift a finger... for the entire weekend. Last night in a moment of sudden genius I turned to Paul and informed him that for my birthday he would be running a few miles with me. He begrudgingly obliged.

This morning after dropping the kids off, we laced up our running shoes and took off at a steady pace. I felt my pre-birthday wine sloshing in my belly, and the heat beating down my shoulders... but with Paul alongside me I was content. We covered just 2 miles, a perfect first run for Paul, and as we walked back to our place my knee started to swell. As we contorted into yoga positions I kept glancing at my knee, unrecognizable from just an hour earlier.

26 miles is incredibly far, and I will finish a marathon. There is just no way I can run that distance 3 weeks from now. My body is not ready. I have no choice but to drop down to the half marathon, and continue to train for the full marathon at my next race in Las Vegas.

As I type this I want to delete it, I want to put my shoes back on and run 20 miles right this second, proving that I am not a quitter. Everyone who runs a marathon has doubts, but I have to be realistic and recognize the difference between doubts and an injury. If I attempt the full marathon chances are I wont make it the entire way without seriously damaging my knee. I want to live to run another day. I am not quitting, simply granting myself an extension.

I sincerely hope I am not letting any of my supporters down! I will still run the half marathon, and then be prepared to cheer on all those full marathon NF Endurance Team warriors as they cross that finish line. I'll never give up...


Salina : ) said...

Olivia, you are never a quitter! You are making the right choice! Like I said before, you may run this marathon, but with an injured knee it may be the last one! Nurture this knee injury and run many marathons in your future!

Jennifer said...

Aww girl... i'm sad to hear that you are stepping down to the half, but I definitely think it's the best decision!! Better to sacrifice a little bit now and be able to run much more and longer later!!

Rebecca said...

Hey, what's up with that? We both went for a run on OUR birthday? I do not consider myself a runner really but I guess there are probably not too many or ANY nonrunners that get a wild hair up their butt to run on their birthday! Of all the things you can decide to do and while many choose to pamper, we are out runn! LOL Are we nuts or what?

Sweety I am so sorry and feel your disappointment. I am glad you are making the wise decision to run the half instead though. I know how you feel as I had concerns about whether I would be able to run the half in May due to an IT band injury. Fortunately it was not as serious and I was able to ice, stretch, and take pain meds to get me through.

What happened to your knee? Have you consulted with a sports medicine specialist? That is where I went when I had the IT band problem.

Good job Paul! Harley has started running too and sometimes we go in the mornings. He runs 2 miles also.

Ditto to Salina's post. Take good care of yourself girl! Don't push too hard that you may break.

Kelli Hook said...

I came across your blog as I was researching NF2. My husband was diagnosed 8 years ago and is late deafened as well. He is now disabled, and stays home to take care of our daughter who does not have NF2. He is crippled with pain, fatigue, and depression. We struggle with simple conversation as he continues to struggle with ASL. I was glad to come across a site about someone who is succeeding even with this terrible disease. You give me hope for our family. However, my heart was ripped out as you described your mother. That is my worse fear realized. Please let me know if you have any advice about how to help my husband deal with his illness and not let it consume our family. Thanks.

Kelli Hook

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