Friday, September 18, 2009

The Knee Plan

This week I went for 2 slow runs, only 4 miles each, and each time around mile 3 my knee started to click. By the end of my run yesterday my knee had swollen again, and I knew if I wanted any chance at running the full marathon in 3 weeks I had to do something! I called Dr. J, he is my sports chiropracter and treats me pro-bono because he is absolutely awesome. I hadn't seen him in a while, life had been in the way, but he welcomed me with a warm smile and explained exactly what was going wrong with my knee... When you lay your legs flat with your feet flexed your knees should point straight up. Unfortunately mine point slightly in, some people's point out, everyone is different. As my feet strike the ground my knees bend slightly in, causing friction and tension to build along my outer knee, which is where I have the pain. Dr. J made chiropractic adjustments to my legs to train the muscle to move correctly. I can't exactly explain what he does, but when he starts working I can feel the difference. After making several adjustments he taped up my knee with K tape and sent me home with instructions to run with the tape on and take it off after 2 days.

I'm going to keep taking short runs when I can throughout the week, and rest in between. Next weekend I will try to run my last long training run and finally knock that 20 miles back! 20 miles sounds nothing less than daunting right now, but I know I can do it!

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