Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Rules

Naughty Foods: Carcass, duh. Milk, eggs, and cheese. Unnatural processed foods made mostly out of chemicals.
Anytime Foods: Greens (ex:kale, collards, parsley etc) Veggies, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts & legumes.
Sometimes Foods: Vegetarian replacement foods, like veggie burgers and soyrizo. Foods with dairy byproducts like whey, casein, or egg as an ingredient.
Weekend Foods: The only weekend rule is no meat, enjoy, but remember everything in moderation!

Breakfast: Whole grain and protein
Snack: Protein Shake and fruit
Lunch: Whole Grain, protein, & veggie
Snack: Protein Shake and nuts
Dinner: Whole grain, protein & veggie
Dessert: glass of red wine and a vegan dessert treat!

Do your best and be proud of yourself for the steps you take. Nobody is perfect, and having a couple of slices of pizza doesn't erase all the nutritious food eaten throughout the week. Be realistic, sometimes you get invited to parties or restaurants where there are no perfect options. Make the best decision you can, then enjoy it!

Don't count calories, eat mindfully, chew thoroughly, stay active and eat only healthy foods.

Breakfast: 1/2 smart bagel topped with tofutti cream cheese and a Morningstar farm sausage patty. 4 strawberries.
Snack: Protein Shake & Banana
Lunch: Leftover Chana Masala and Naan (it was a big pot!)
Snack: Protein Shake and Trail Mix
Dinner: Birthday Dinner at my parents' house! Having zPizza's Berkeley pizza, a vegan creation I have been wanting to try
Dessert: Cupcakes! JT won cupcakes at a raffle and insisted on giving them to me for my birthday. They definitely contain dairy, but my Pookie gave them to me and I plan on eating one!

Tomorrow will be my own personal version of "Eat this, Not that!"

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