Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Very Un-Fabulous Day

I know I promised to post my own "Eat This, Not That," and that you all have been waiting with baited breathe throughout the day for my little post, but today is just not the day. Today was one of THOSE days. So today you see the not-very-fabulous-running mommy's diet when I snap and need carbs. A lot of them. I am going to place the food in chronological order, along with its excuse.

Wake up to find the kids' lamp fell and shattered all over the carpet in their now pitch black room. The kids are still asleep from being up late for my birthday dinner the evening before, and all 3 of us need showers. It's also my volunteer day at Mica's class...

Breakfast: apple and 1 slice of cold leftover vegan pizza in the van while driving to Mica's school, an hour late.

Snack: Spent chasing 4 year olds and heaving them all across the monkey bars once they realized Mica's Mommy is a sucker.

Got home and received a text from my Dad that he lost a piece of JT's broken glasses (long, unimportant story.) JT is blind without glasses, need to get to Sears for a replacement, but no time to get there and back before JT gets out of school. In the meantime the dog bites Mica, and as I am punishing him Mica has an "accident."

Lunch: The rest of the cold vegan pizza, carrots, strawberries, a bag of trail mix, a half a pot of coffee, and the crusts off Mica's PB&J.

Get JT and get to Sears, no they don't have the frames, it would take a week to get them. Need to go to Lenscrafters.... forgot the prescription at home. Home... Lenscrafters... wait for my Dad who graciously covered the glasses since he lost the piece from the other glasses. 5pm, headed home to make dinner (planning Moroccan Couscous) and realize the kids' room is still pitch black. Swing by Kmart for a lamp... get stalked by weird little man who I finally turn and stare directly at, he then asks me if I speak Spanish and scampers away when I growl NO (in Spanish.) See a Lil Ceasars in the Kmart and grab a pizza for the kids, I'll finish off the Chana Masala.
Get to the car, JT spills the entire pizza on the passenger seat of my van. I snap and start yelling at him only to realize he burned himself, and I have to totally apologize and help him clean up. Saved most the pizza, get home, serve the kids and...

Dinner: Half a slice of pizza with (most) the cheese and ALL the pepperoni peeled off. The crust of 2 other slices. A large glass of white wine.

Dinner #2: Now if you'll excuse me I am about to finish off that Chana Masala with a Smart Bagel smeared with Tofutti cream cheese.

Dessert: Another glass of white wine with some dark chocolate while I watch Greys Anatomy and pass out!

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Sheila said...

LMAO!!! Aww hugs girl!!!!!!! You are too funny with all that you can eat!!!! But you totally deserved ALL that you ate!!! LOL Love you!!

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