Wednesday, February 25, 2009

3 Year of Marriage

3 years goes by much quicker than a week. It seems only yesterday Paul and I stood in front of my Uncle Bob and said our vows at the Aladdin in Las Vegas. Now the Aladdin is Planet Hollywood and our marriage has shaped itself into an entire family. We have had our share of hard times, and we sometimes have the worst knock-down scream-it-out fights you could imagine... but every night as I pull the covers up and fall asleep without pretense I am grateful to be blessed with such a wonderful marriage. Some of my friends don't really understand how I deal with Paul, and the way he tells me what to do. For example, he wouldn't "let" me attend a soccer game with Adria, and was upset that I even suggested I would go. One of my closest friends has a birthday this weekend, and Paul was incensed at the mere idea of me joining her for a drink with a group of women. On the other hand Paul does whatever he likes, and explains without a hint of irony in his voice that he is not my child. He fails to even recognize the hypocrisy, but still I love him. Still I see that every morning he is up before dawn hard at work, and when he gets off rather than going out with the guys he comes straight home where he kisses me hard and always shows appreciation for my own daily accomplishments. He thanks me every night for his dinner, and when we trade backrubs he almost always rubs mine longer. If both of our shows are on, we watch mine. When I became vegetarian he agreed to eating meatless in our home, although I'm sure he drives thru Tommys Burgers on occassion! When I took up running he had no problem spending Sunday mornings alone with the kids while I ran, and he was the only one at the finish line of my first race cheering me on. He does anything within his power to attain whatever I desire, and proudly tells me if I really want it to just tell him, and "I'll make it work baby." Paul protects me, I firmly believe he would never let anything happen to me or the kids. I suffered from anxiety for a long time, sleeping next to Paul each night has been better than any medication. Paul never lets me get away with anything beneath my capabilities. He is what is necessary in a partner, he pushes and challenges me, forcing me to grow and be accountable. I strive to provide the same encouragement for him, expecting only the best because he is capable of it. For 3 years we have been married, and we have both accomplished more in those 3 years together then we ever really did apart. We've built a home, and a life, and I can't wait to see what else is to come.


Heather said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Tanyetta said...

Happy Anniversary and this is a beautiful tribute to the love you share with each other :)

Anonymous said...

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