Wednesday, February 11, 2009


About a week ago a friend's child was sick for the millionth time, and I casually mentioned that my children pretty much never get sick. I mean aside from JT's NF2, they have not had a cold or flu in over a year. I was just asking for Karma to come kick me in the ass, now Mica is sick! Poor thing is running a high fever and has an impetigo, which the doctor says is unrelated, but which to me suggests a staph infection. Her doctor felt her lymph nodes, then sent her home with tylenol and an ointment. Today she still has a fever, even while on the Tylenol. I called the doctor's office back to ask for them to send her for lab work to be sure this is not staph, they told me to go to the ER! They said the doctor is out of the office today and it would take a long time to order blood work. Do they not know that ER stands for emergency? This is not an emergency, and it does not need "urgent care" either, what it needs is for her doctor to think of these things on his own and handle her appointment times more responsibly. Now I have a sick Mica Stinka who is missing all her Valentine's Day parties, and will have to sit in an ER for God knows how long! I was hoping this post would be all about Valentine Adorableness and Mica in a new pink dress, but I am off to the ER. I should have knocked on wood...

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