Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Smart Ass

I cannot believe my own son! I was called in yesterday for a parent-teacher conference. Apparently JT thinks he is funny. The teacher showed me his chair, where she had place blue tape as a visual border to keep JT in his chair and from messing with other students! No other child in the class has this type of boundary! She utilizes a punishment system similar to the terrorism warning signs CNN uses. A rainbow of colors ranging from a well behaved blue to a hot red for the naughtiest of offenses. Each child gets a clothespin with their name written on it clipped to blue each morning, and with each offense they must move the clothespin down. JT was asked to move one level to yellow, instead he moved it all the way to red and defiantly looked at his teacher, as if daring her to send him to the principal's office! Unfortunately she could not call his bluff as Mr. Taylor was away for the day, so instead she had a 2nd grade teacher known for being strict come talk to JT. I was told JT is the best reader in the class, and is now in GATE and doing advanced work. Each week he brings home the same homework packet as everyone else, plus an advanced packet to finish in addition to the regular homework. He is smart, but I am not tolerating him acting like a smart ass. He is grounded and got his butt whooped, so we will see how smart he thinks he is now. What is with my children!?

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Heather said...

a diva with a fresh mouth and a smart ass.... u sure do have ur hands full with those two :-)

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