Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cyberknife Day 2

We awoke around 6am, groggy from a long nights sleep, but I was anxious to finish the day's appointments and get rid of this IV! I had slept in an awkward position all night, and the IV had blood in it. Paul assured me this was normal, but of course I needed to whine a bit to get the day started. I tried to dress but with my bionic arm was severely limited and ended up in sweats and flip flops. Try doing a full face of makeup without bending your dominant hand's arm, I am proud to say somehow I did it.

We reached the hospital bright and early and waited in the Radiation Therapy department for the nurse to beckon us. They flushed my IV and slipped in a contrast for the CT. They warned me I would feel warm and as though I was peeing on myself... seriously. I waited for it, but only tasted a slight metallic aftertaste in my throat. The doctors had me lay on a deflated foam bed outside of the CT. They connected a hose to it and it began to inflate and harden around me. Using their hands to push it tight against me and under my lower back, it inflated until it was hard and held me in one position for all further treatments. They made sure I was comfortable, and when the mold was complete they slid my enshrined body into the CT. It didn't last long enough for me to get a catnap before I was brought back out and shooed out to the waiting room.

At this point I was expecting to ditch the IV, but was told they needed another MRI for a closer look at a specific area. We took a tram with another lady also planning to have Cyberknife to the other side of the campus. There I had more contrast injected into my IV, and another MRI. At this point I was done, just tired and ready to go. As soon as the MRI was done the tech ripped off the IV tape and set me free. I almost skipped out of the waiting room, and even stole a copy of W magazine. I'll give it back! Don't judge me.

My Gramps and Diana drove down to visit us and we had a great lunch and nice glass of wine at a local steak joint. No I didn't have steak but I did enjoy the wine. I have tomorrow off while the Cybeknife team creates a treatment plan. Paul and I are going to take a much needed day trip to the Santa Clarita Valley to explore a few wineries. I never knew radiation could be so fun.


Anonymous said...

Sending you guys Big Cyber Hugs and Many Awesome Prayers girl!


coolfx89 said...

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