Monday, June 22, 2009

Cyberknife Final Treatment and I'm home!

Friday morning's Cyberknife treatment was so incredibly simple I left the office just thinking "that's it?" It was almost too easy. I dozed off as the laser whirred around, targeting the tumor in my t spine we were preventatively treating. After the appointment there was nothing left to do but drive home...

I was so excited to see my babies, and they ran into my arms smelling like sweet goodness and gave me tiny little kisses allover my cheeks. Everyone kept asking me how I feel and I had to laugh because I actually feel like crap! I have the worst sinus infection and it's meant conjunctivitis, a totally stuffed nose, headaches, no energy, and a throat that is bordering on strep throat for the last several days. All I want to do is sleep... but it has absolutely nothing to do with the huge medical procedure I underwent. It's coincidence. As easy as Cyberknife was, as easy as radiating 2 tumors pressing into my spinal cord was, to come home and be knocked down by a sinus infection is just a bit ironic to me. Sometimes I just want to yell out to no one in particular... "Are you freaking kidding me!?"

So the treatment is behind me and I am free to live my life as normally as possible for another 6 months before I need updated MRIs. In that period of time I will runa marathon and go back to school, yet I know all to well how fast the time will go.

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