Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Mica!

Mica turns 3 today! I cannot believe it has been 3 years since my precious crazy Mica Stinka came into my life. When I was pregnant, I was sure the name would be Isabella Michelle. The moment she was born Paul and I both looked at her and just said she looks nothing like a Bella! Micaela Estelle, at first Paul was skeptical, but then I said we can call her MICA and he was sold. She has been precocious from the start, growling at her visiting guests and rolling her eyes before she could walk. She has no patience for stupidity, and pushes her way around with a little Shirley Temple stomp. She still sucks her thumb, I hate to admit, and when I tell her to get it out of her mouth she laughs mischieviously at me as she wiggles it around. She tells Paul, "You're not funny Daddy," and looks off into the air as though she doesn't hear me when I ask her to do anything not on her agenda. Every night she demands a bedtime story, then we sing songs from Cinderella, and lately she has been singing the last lines... a dweem that you wish, will... come... twuuuuuuu. She is stubborn and adorable, a little ball of fire. She is perfect to me, and I cannot imagine my life without my little princess, she is my dream come true.


Riley and family said...

Happy birthday princess! It seems just like yesterday that she was turning two! She is turning into a beautiful young lady! I hope her day is special:)

hrw102779 said...

Mica is Mica...a princess at heart. She won't be pushed around and will forever be stubborn. We love her because she's soo perfect!!!

Happy birthday big girl!!!

I can't wait to hear what the next year brings you!

Heather said...

Happy belated Birthday Princess Mica!!

Tanyetta said...

Happy Birthday Mica!

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