Monday, June 8, 2009

Revolutionary Road *spoilers*

Health, a roof over your head, food on the table, a solid job... what more could anyone ask for? Apparently for much of the middle class that is just not enough. They are "unhappy" and depressed, they want to escape, waste, and spend their way to happiness. People close to me know I have no tolerance for those who create their own drama. As we say in my house, even to my 3 year old, suck it up! Last night I was so excited to watch Revolutionary Road. Kate and Leo, reunited in a 50's period piece exploring the ups and downs of a classic pre-feminism marriage? I was sold at the first preview, as Leo threw her against a wall and passionately kissed her. Unfortunately, the previews were the best part of the film. Well, the previews and the acting. Kate and Leo play affluent, upper middle class parents of 2 beautiful young girls, and spend the entire movie whining about not being happy and wanting to escape to Paris. Apparently, as Kate says, they used to have a secret, that they were better than everybody, but then they found out they were just like everyone else.... oh boo hoo, cry me a f*cking river. The entire film was a cynical look at marriage which strived to prove that life is not real if you are married in the suburbs. Tell that to the other 90% of the world who do not exist in our bubble, and you'll get a lot more than a stone thrown at you. This movie represented to me everything wrong with our society. People making over 100 grand a year, still in debt. People getting divorced because its "just not working." Antidepressants with martini chasers. Separate vacations, and spending the family savings on "finding yourself." You want to find yourself, try looking in a mirror. Like a 5 year old who's parents never said no, spoiled middle aged adults tantrum their way through life with a shrink who encourages them to cry while simultaneously collecting from the insurance company. The movie ended with a suicide and a tear, and the only emotion I could muster was disgust for a silly little woman with a perfectly healthy body throwing it away on self-inflicted drama. Tonight when I do my nightly prayers, and again effusively thank God for my blessed life and beautiful family, I am also going to give thanks for the perspective that NF2 has given me. I would rather be sick and grateful, then healthy and deluded.

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Cousin A said...

I had huge issues with the movie as well and kept thinking " Why are they so unhappy?" Her selfish behavior in the end just absolutely disgusted me. There have been days where I wondered how I would make it through the day. Grief over Mia not being in my life overwhelmed me, but I had other children that needed me. They didnt deserve to lose Mia AND me. They gave me strength to move on and live my life to the fullest regardless of my grief.

Ack sorry I wrote a book. lol

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