Friday, June 12, 2009

Take What You Can Get...

This weekend is starting with a bang! My first nephew, Xavier, was born this morning up at Victor Valley Hospital. I was really sad to not be present for the birth as I was with my 2 nieces from Paul's brother Freddie, but Mica is sick which forced me to stay home. We'll visit tomorrow!
Sunday is my best friend Adria's Master's graduation ceremony! She really kicked ass and I am so proud of her. Straight after the party Paul and I are driving to Stanford and staying at the Crowne Plaza for a week of Cyberknife appointments and treatments. Ironically, Paul is being seen as well by a pituitary specialist while we are there. That worked out quite nicely actually. I will be blogging daily from Stanford and chronicling my experience with Cyberknife, and still plan to run a 5K after the first treatment on Thursday. Paul and I are looking forward to a week away, even if it is to have radiation therapy on 3 spine tumors! You take what you can get when you have 2 kids!


Riley and family said...

Good luck with the treatments, at least you get to stay somewhere nice! I will be thinking of you guys next week, and please let me know how it goes! You are so right about you have to take what you can get.....I couldn't relate more!

Anonymous said...

Olivia ~ wishing you the best girl and Paul as well.
You guys are in my thoughts and prayers!

love ya both~
Paula & family

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