Friday, August 29, 2008

Chivalry is DEAD

The other day I took JT to the allergist and as I was sitting in the waiting room an older couple came out from the back. The wife was pushing her husband in a wheelchair, and glanced around the tiny room looking for an exit path. Immediately I stood, sat my kids out of the way, and smiled of course. There were 2 grown men sitting there, not even reading or predisposed in any manner. Neither moved at all! I quickly stood and went to hold the door open, smiling as the couple passed and wishing them a nice day. As I came back in my face quickly changed to a scowl as I shot both men judgemental looks and went back to my spot. What is wrong with people today? I don't mind opening the door, but I am the only one trying to wrangle 2 young children, and neither of those men even thought to open the door for that couple. One was even sitting with his mother. JT is 5, and when the door is not a huge heavy wooden door such as the one in that office, I already instruct him to open doors for people. Not out of laziness but out of good parenting of course! I am not even sure if my judgement should lay with the young man who sat with his mouth slightly open, or his mother with the pursed lips who obviously should have told him, "Close your mouth and go open the door for that couple!" I have had men let a door close right on me as I was pregnant and carrying a screaming toddler. I know feminism murdered chivalry, but shouldn't there still be such a thing as common decency?

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Days like These! said...

That's AWESOME! I'm so glad you jumped up to help the couple. They'll never forget your kindness.

You are so sweet ;)

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