Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mile Repeats...

Today’s training consisted of mile repeats on the treadmill at the gym followed by my own strength training regimen and 20 minutes of deep stretching. Mile repeats are when you warm up, and then run a mile as fast as you comfortably can, then walk for a quarter mile, and repeat. I did 3 mile repeats, at 7mph which is about 8:30 a mile. That last quarter mile felt like fire! I shoved myself forward, pushed away the burning and tried to keep my consciousness present in my mind without settling into the strain in my body. Those minutes seemed to stretch on for eternity, but suddenly it was over and I had finished! I love that feeling when I finish a really good workout. I know I am doing something to raise money for NF2, making myself healthier, and finally losing the last of my baby belly all at the same time! Yes my baby belly is shrinking!

Now I am home and facing all of my Cinderella chores which I better attack before my hard-working husband comes home to a dirty house!

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