Monday, August 25, 2008

My Baby is a Little Man!

Today is JT's first day of first grade! I walked him to class this morning and kissed my little man good-bye. I sniffed back a tear as he made his way into class, I could see the uncertainty in his expression. I wanted to run to him, pick him up, tell him everything in the world is safe and certain. I wanted to coddle him, play with him, build a fort and whisper secrets over goldfish crackers. I could only force myself to back away, to trust that I have raised him right thus far, and now is his time to make his own tiny footprints in the world. He has to stop being my baby, and start being Joshua. It tugs at my maternal heart strings but I am also incredibly proud of the amazing child that he is. Intelligent, compassionate, silly and full of potential. He is my first born, my heart, my blood and my inspiration to stay on the straight path. Good luck little man, I love you JT...

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Days like These! said...

TJ is such a big boy!

You're a great mom ;)

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