Friday, August 22, 2008

My House of Cards is Shaking!

Many times when people find my blog or meet me they remark that I sound like a very very busy person. I usually just smile and shrug. This week my little house of cards is trembling. I just have too many things to do, in a short amount of time. I finally cut a few loose ends and left one of my online groups that was sucking a lot of my energy down. I am also trying to avoid but it is a battle! I need my daily dose of the gangstar! I posted my training plans for this week and have tried my hardest to live up to those guidelines. After moving things around I ran Tuesday, cross-trained Wednesday, and hope to run tonight when Paul gets home. My 10 mile run seems to be being put off week after week. My best friend's birthday is this weekend and I know I will not be up to running Sunday morning after a Saturday night! Next Sunday I will run 10 miles in the early morning, and then we will be heading to Raging Waters with my parents and In-Laws, where obviously I will be avoiding the water slides!

I am trying to fit everything in, knowing my baby boy JT starts first grade Monday and things will only get more hectic then as Mica starts playschool the following week. On top of it all JT's allergies are worsening! Last night in karate his ankle broke out with hives and we made a hasty exit. He had another series of blood tests after finding he is only moderately allergic to eggs, milk and mold. Those allergies shouldn't be enough to trigger the reactions he has been having, so this new panel will test for a lot of scary things that I wont go into unless I am forced to by circumstance.

In the coming month I will be following up with JT's allergist as well as taking him to the neuro opthamologist to check the tumor he has on the retina of his right eye. We track it annually and so far no growth since being found! I will also have MRI's and be seeking treatment for the ovarian cysts my doctor recently diagnosed. I told you the cards are shaking! I will just take it day by day, moment to moment if necessary...

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Days like These! said...

Day by Day my dear. Day by day.


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