Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So frustrated!

My house is a disaster area. The kids' room has still not been repaired, and it looks like their stuff was thrown up allover the rest of the condo! The constant chaos is making me anxious. We leave in 3 more days for a week in New Mexico with Paul's family. Tomorrow JT finally has his MRIs, and Saturday my Nani has her 80th birthday party. I am desperately trying to get some laundry done, but have to push a bookshelf out of my way each time I do a load. I was really hoping this would all be rectified by yesterday so I could clean the entire condo today and be able to come home to a clean house when we return. Instead I will be opening the door to a madhouse and dragging in a week's worth of luggage and dirty laundry to add to the piles! I am seriously freaking out! I think I need to do some yoga, if only I could find a patch of floor anywhere.

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Cindy said...

glad to know Im notthe only one bothered (more like pulling hair out utter frustration) with the piles of you name it that need sorted, cleaned, put away, tossed, in my house!

love your blog, its a public service to woman kids or no kids!

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