Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Can't you see I'm trying to get my buzz on?

What the hell is wrong with people? No, really, somebody please explain to me why people would take their children out on the Las Vegas strip at 11pm on a Friday night? Last weekend Tish was nice enough to offer to keep the kids while Paul and I went to my cousin's house for dinner, we of course took advantage and stopped for some drinking. We found ourselves on the Strip at 11pm, drinking a yard long sugary margarita from La Salsa and walking in circles, which is apparently all there is to do in Vegas unless you have a lot of cash. At a stop light I leaned over to kiss my husband and he stiffly pulled away, I was of course immediately irritated and was like fine then, I hate you too. He glanced over and I followed his gaze to a little toddler sitting in a stroller waiting to cross with us. I told Paul, and not even in a polite voice, I'm not altering my behavior because someone was rude enough to bring a baby out at night. When they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, they don't mean the one-night stand babies. All night, up until 1 am, I saw strollers and cold, tired looking little babies. Seriously, doesn't Nevada have some sort of CPS?

Not that California is any better. A few months ago I saw a tiny baby out at Yardhouse at 10pm on a Saturday. Seriously people, all you are telling us is you are too broke to afford a sitter, and inconsiderate enough to crash everyone else's night. I didn't spend an hour trying to make myself look 20 again to be stifled by your child's presence. Maybe you could try something child-friendly, like HOME. Why have children if you are not willing to sacrifice the odd weekend party? I have stayed home on many a Saturday night playing with my children, and have immensely enjoyed it. Just to make it clear... if people are taking body shots and girls are stumbling out of the bathroom, take your underage leg clinger and go home!


gomillion and one... said...

Yeah I will never understand that!!! I won't take Chase anywhere if its going to be past his bed time....what fun is that?

Michelle R. said...

I just wrote something like that on my blog.
I'm with ya girl.

Anonymous said...

You know I get weird if I have to take Vincent to the grocery store at like 8 pm, I am thinking it is his bedtime and I don't wanna be out anywhere with him!

Days like These! said...


***take your underage leg clinger and go home!**

I heard that.

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