Monday, November 10, 2008

Back on the wagon!

I took a great, mostly uphill, 7 mile run Saturday! I feel so much better already! I actually had to walk just a few times, on the steeper parts of the hills. I feel 7 miles is a solid accomplishment after almost a month of being sedentary! Hopefully tomorrow I will run a flat run, and cover 10 miles. I will be kicking ass and taking names in Vegas!

I also had to stop taking propolis for a month while I had my wisdom teeth out. You can't take propolis 2 weeks before or after surgery, something about the blood not clotting. So this week I get back on track with both.

It feels great to have that little pull in my calves everytime I walk, the burn in my legs when I lift anything, and that stiffness anytime I try to crouch. Everytime I wince a little I know I had a good run!

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