Sunday, November 30, 2008

A promise... and a tag!

I am sitting here with that deliciously tight feeling all through my body, knowing I ran 13 miles this morning and have only 6 more days until my next race! I am making a pact with myself, the same way I promised myself to become vegetarian, and then later to become a runner... I am going to pick my yoga practice back up! I was really getting into it when my friend and yoga instructor Amy moved away *tear* I loved Amy's class! I also love Amy and really miss her and her adorable son Denali. In class, she worked with my hearing and made adjustments to keep me included. I always left feeling flexible and as part of a whole. When I attend other yoga classes I always feel alienated and hurt my neck trying to watch for the next pose. I have a wonderful daily yoga book, and have learned a lot of the poses from Amy and various other classes already. So I will be really pushing myself to commit and hopefully a year from now I will not only be one of those annoying people avoiding the food you cooked, or the nerd running down the street with a water belt and visor... I will also be the bendy chick with the lean musculature only yoga can help you accomplish!

Now I have a little homework assignment to complete, my girlfriend Michelle who took some absolutley gorgeous photographs of my kids for me this week tagged me. So the 4th photo in the 4th file in my picture files is:

Ok that is a picture of my Dad, Tom, at my wedding reception at Maggianos in Las Vegas. He is so handsome! Thanks Michelle, now I am tagging Kadi, Priscilla, and KC!

I'll post the photos Michelle took of the kids tomorrow, right now I need to go put up the tree with my kids!

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Cindy said...

nice pick of your dad. Ironic, Advocure is going to do a big fundraiser next year at Maggiano's in Tampa, I'll be organizing most of it. Magg's is my fAV PLACE TO EAT, PLUS LOOKS LIKE A GREAT place for events. you heard it here it first ;)

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