Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm getting coal in my stocking...

I am so freaking busy with the holidays already descending into our lives! The kids both had school parties this week that I volunteered for, and it was so fun getting a glimpse into their little world away from home. I was a bit horrified when I walked into JT's class and saw all of the little kids had feathers on their heads. The school actually still teaches that the pilgrims and indians were friends? It sickens me knowing they lied to my baby, and not a virtuous and fun lie like Santa, but a horrible, conspiratorial, genocide cover up kind of lie. I don't want to be the Mom who ruins the fun, the one all the other parents say "Oh we have to say 'holiday' party instead of 'Christmas' party because of her." After school I mentioned it off hand to the teacher, and just said I was a bit shocked, but what could I do? She apologized half-heartedly, it's not her fault really, she doesn't set the curriculum. I am not saying we should tell 6 year old how we really "won" this land, but we could just focus on the message of Thanks and Family involved with a beautiful holiday, without marring it with lies.

Of course I lied to JT last night over dinner! My hypocrisy knows no bounds, apparently... Tonight we are going to Victoria Gardens for the tree-lighting ceremony and to see Santa! I made some off-hand comment about Santa being old, what was I thinking? JT asks me if Santa is dying, because he is old. Paul told him Santa will live as long as he believes in him. JT is too damn smart, he says "Why are there some people who don't believe in Santa?" Why is he so damn quick? Too smart for his own good. I told him that Santa has magic, and not everyone believes in magic. JT proudly says that he believes in magic, and hopefully looked at me and said, "Mommy, do you believe in magic?" To which I proudly lied and said "Yes, baby, I do."

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