Friday, November 14, 2008


As women we tend to get down on ourselves all the time, being positive is good for our souls, good for our kids, and good for our husbands who are sick of reassuring us! Kadi over at Womb at the Innsane had a great idea to list all the reasons we are awesome! I loved the idea, and the possibility of winning this adorable necklace didn't hurt either!

I am an intelligent woman who is not afraid to be a nerd!
I am a compassionate and loyal friend.
I'm silly and fun.
I really like the golden tone of my skin.
My legs and booty look great from running! LOL
I ran a half marathon and continue to run!
I am a really good organizer and always step up and take charge.
I love animals, and have the self control to be vegetarian, and am a good enough cook to pull it off with a meat-eating husband!
I am a good Mom, I am very involved and loving with my kids.

Do you have a blog? List all the reasons you are fabulous and grab this button Kadi made! Don't forget to link back to me of course!

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Who Me? said...

I did it too.

I'm gonna add you to my blog roll.

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