Monday, November 17, 2008

Raising the bar...

I finally got a good solid run in! I went almost 12 miles yesterday and am actually not sore at all today. A lot of it was uphill, and I hate to admit I had to walk the last half mile home. I kept trying to jog but the heat beat me down. As I was running I realized LV is only 3 weeks away! I will only get in 2 more long runs before then, and struggled with 12 miles! I finished the LB half in 2:35 and my plan is to beat that time! I guess I have to keep in mind the important thing is that I finish and raise awareness of NF2. I hate the idea of not improving with each race, part of running is always raising the bar. I remind myself I had my wisdom teeth out and was forced to sit out for about 3 weeks, but the evil running dictator in my head scoffs and says not to make excuses. So I wont. I'll just add an extra run on Wednesdays, a few short hill runs for endurance, and be prepared to limp for a week after the race. If it doesn't hurt, you're not running!

Just to share:
Mica is now totally potty trained, and she is running around the house in Beauty and the Beast underwear bending her finger at me whispering Redrum Redrum.
Yesterday she walked up to Paul butt naked and in a deep voice said "I'm Daddy!"
JT says he is growing his hair like Goku from Dragon Ball Z, and I am supposed to know what this means..

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Kristy said...

Ah..I'm so jealous...I've always wanted to get into running...but I'm so bad at it!

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