Friday, November 7, 2008


I haven't gone on a real run since Long Beach! I am gaining weight and losing aerobic capacity very quickly. Yesterday during a solid game of "I'm gonna getchu!" with Mica, I actually lost my breath! With the sun setting so early, Paul working overtime, and my complete aversion to treadmill runs, it will be very difficult to get in enough training to be ready for Las Vegas on December 7th. I will do it, I don't know how yet, but I have to. With everything going on in my private life right now, running is my solace, my escape. When I run I am not Mommy, or wife, friend, or organizer... I am Olivia, I am myself, independent and able to face whatever is thrown at me. When I run I work out all the kinks, first the ones in my feet, then ankles, then knees... and as I hit my stride I clear out all of the clutter in my mind. The rythm of the road creates a meditative mood, I can clearly see what I need to do, what I haven't done, and create plans for what I will do as soon as I get home. People say once you build up the athletic ability to run a long distance, the battle becomes completely mental. You have to force yourself to keep going, not to stop, even when your body is telling you to. Mind over matter. In overcoming that challenge you build mental fortitude as surely as you build muscle mass. Now that I have had almost 3 weeks off to recuperate from my wisdom teeth extraction, I feel like my mind is cloudy and filled with cobwebs. It's time to stop waiting, and start running...

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