Thursday, September 18, 2008

In the Tube...

I finished the 2nd half of my MRI's today. It was so incredibly uncomfortable staying completely flat and still for 45 minutes straight for the thoracic study. My pace started to quicken and I glanced around the tiny tube which suddenly seemed infinitely smaller then when I had first entered. I knew there was nothing to be done, and no reason to panic, so I just gently breathed in and out, and willed myself to relax. I dozed off and on, lingering somewhere between the realms of dreams and consciousness, the mat vibrating harshly and numbing my thoughts. Suddenly it was over as quick as it had started, and I found myself stumbling out into the daylight to face reality. Dr. Duma will have results early next week, and I pray I have had no changes that would explain the creepy heavy feeling that has worsened throughout my entire left side. I'm drained today, tripping around the house, forcing myself to smile as I help with homework and serve up leftovers. A glass of wine and a good book call to me, but I have to wait until after bedtime, definitely don't want to be Drunk Mommy. At least I have another 6 months before I have to have another MRI, that is always a good feeling.


Anonymous said...

I really hope you dont mind but ive noticed that since you reached your goal (yay!) people have stopped contributing. soooo i kind of emailed a... few friends. I dont know what will come of it but i hope it helps


Olivia Hernandez said...

Tracey you are so sweet! Thank you girl! It feels good to have support from new friends! :)

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